With the latest technologies available

Diamex offers a wide variety of expertise in different types of CNC machining

Custom Machining on Turning and Milling Center

Machine parts for high tech and robotic industry

We manufacture parts in a variety of plastics, steels and aluminums. We also have extensive experience with steels that require heat treatments, such as quenching and aging.

We offer a turnkey service which can include anodizing, painting, plating, screen printing and other surface treatment With the latest technologies available.

Up to 60 inches in width and 150 inches in length

Larges Dimensions Machining

Our inventory of c.n.c. allows you to have all your parts manufactured by a single supplier. We are equipped to machine non-standard parts, such as robot supports, printing press frames and other machinery parts that require precision. We manufacture giant ball bearing parts, up to 70″.

Prototype Machining

Prototype made of steel, plastic and composite

Do you need a part made to validate a costly production run? Or do you need to test a parts performance and functionality ? Hand us your project ! Most of the parts could be realized in their projected material, even complex molded parts.

Productivity and Precision

5 Axis Machining for Simple or Complex parts

5-axis technology allows you to machine 5 sides of a rectangle in a single operation.

Machining of plastic sheets up to 5 x 10 feet

ABS Polycarbonate UHMW Plastic Machining

Machining with suction fixtures for thin plastics. Can produce 2 or 3 D parts.

For complex parts

Simultaneous multi-axis machining

We have several multi-axis systems which allow us to produce the most complex parts, such as blades or verification fixtures for the aeronautical industry.