Quality is a priority at Diamex
Our quality system includes the revision of plans before production, the management of raw materials with traceability as well as the inspection of batches at each stage of machining.

All parts are inspected before delivery according to an established and documented method. Depending on the nature of the part, the dimensional requirements of the plan and the customer's requirements, one or more techniques will be used to guarantee the conformity of the part.
Inspection with hand tools
Diamex has around a hundred manual inspection instruments, calibrated by an external metrology firm.
Renishaw Probe System Inspection
A series of coordinates is fed to a DC milling machine. which directs the probe to the programmed location. The probe approaches the coordinate until it touches the part. The system then compares the data to establish a differential report. The system can measure diameters and 3d surfaces.
Inspection with FARO arm
Using an articulated arm with a probe at its end, the operator picks up hundreds of points on part surfaces. The data is compiled and compared to the surface model. This method of inspection is effective for measuring complex surfaces and oblique holes Our inspection documentation meets most of the requirements of major contractors, such as companies operating in the aeronautics industry.