Cutting Dies and Mold for

Cutting Dies for thermoforming Machine

Ultra High Precision Cutting Dies

Diamex manufactures cutting dies for various industries for the past 45 years. One of our specialities is cutting dies for thermoforming machines. These type of cutting dies must be perfectly flat, and with a specific blade angle depending on the nature of plastic material. Over time, Diamex has developed a very unique manufacturing technique. Made out of a solid block of steel, they are sharpened by c.n.c. machine. The blade angle and the width of the cutting edge are perfectly controlled with more stability along the cutting edge. No adjustment is needed in your factory, no shim, with extended cutting cycle before resharpening 

•Flatness +/- .001 • Width of the blade, adjusted with microscope +/- .0005. • Angle and Shape +/- .005

Mold and Holding Plate

Turn Key Solutions for Thermoforming Machines

Would you like to be able to order all the components of your next project from the same supplier? Send us the 3d drawing of your new project.  We will make all necessary equipment: Molds, cutting dies and all fixtures including air channeling

Our range of machines, which include high speed 5 axis machining center dedicated to mold making, allows us to offer a fast and competitive service at all time